New life for Search Engines?

Mark A.C.J. Overmeer
AT Computing bv
Nijmegen, The Netherlands


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While search-engines are the only way to get a view on all information which can be found on the global Internet, their results are not satisfying. The main reason for this is the unpresedented size and growth of the information to be searched.

This talk was presented on June 9 1999, at the TERENA-NORDUnet Networking Conference 1999 (TNNC): "The Challenge of Gigabit Networking". It covers two papers:

In one talk, two ideas are presented to solve some of the problems which may improve the usability of search-engines. The first is about the development of an interface which supports the data-mining of a user much better than current engines do. The second is about how we can restructure the search-engines to improve the quality of their data.

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About the author

Mark Overmeer got his MSc in Informatics from the University of Nijmegen, NL in 1990. Since then, he gained professional experience in maintaining a large variety of UNIX-systems, from tiny to super-computers. In his current occupation, this knowledge is taught to system-developers and -maintainers at AT Computing bv, a leading training institute on UNIX and UNIX-related languages in the Netherlands.

Next to his professional activities in computers, he maintains a very popular Dutch Internet-site since 1995, and actively participates in development of Public Domain software.