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Internet Activities


On this page, I try to give an impression about my activities in the field of Internet. There is a list of sites which I maintain, but also some research work.
DHP, Satfoto, AT Computing, MARKOV Solutions, Perl, Craneveer, Overmeer, Element, Arion, SchoolLan.


In 1994, I was working at the NLR. The NLR is a modern research institute, always willing to try-out new technologies. This is the reason why they responded as fast to the newly appearing WWW as they did. As one of the first companies, they had a small web-site, and I got interested in it.

In 1994, I joined Heini Withagen in development of the Internet-site DHP: The Dutch Home Page. The DHP was the first index for WWW-activities in the Netherlands. He had started the site when there were only 10 sites in total in the Netherlands. When that number of listed sites had grown to about 40, he needed help which I provided.

For the DHP, I designed web-pages and implemented their automatic production. I left the project after about 4 years (May 1998), when over 11,000 sites were listed, and 40,000 lines of C-code and shell-script were written.


When I left the DHP, I took my tool Satellietfoto knippen with me. On this site, you can play around with a satellite image of Holland. You can zoom-in on your own house till 20 meter details. This popular site has over 2,000,000 zoom-requests already.

AT Computing  

The website of AT Computing, my former employer, was designed and implemented by me. It is especially complicated by the enormous amount of text which needs to be presented friendly; people don't like to read, certainly not when it is organized poorly.

MARKOV Solutions  

The website for my commercial activities: MARKOV Solutions. As free-lancer, I live from various UNIX, Linux, Perl and Website related tasks.


A dedicated website for my Perl activities.


My home is located in the green and hilly North of town Arnhem in The Netherlands (about 135,000 inhabitants, one hour by train from Amsterdam). My city-quarter breaths the spirit of a village, with more space to live, more green, and more social contacts than in the average quarter. An example of these good relations is the Craneveer website (in Dutch only), which I built based on someone else's design and existing content (2002-2014)


Having a large family (from my father's side), with loads of cousins and cousines traveling and living all around the World, maintaining contact is increasingly difficult. That's why I developed the Overmeer family site with addresses, stories and pictures. The site is password protected.

Only access when you know the password (don't want everyone digging into our personal lives). Ask me if you need to know the username and password.


A simple website for a friend.


For a friend who is much too active making music, I created a informational website at


SchoolLan brings Linux as central system to primary education; much cheaper and more flexible than Windows. A full redesign of the existing side was made in 2005, although the content needs some refresing as well.

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